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Recitation & Memory Work

Recitation and memorization are an important part of a classical education. Many people would argue that memorization isn't necessary during our age of information where everything is available with the click of a mouse. But memory work is more than memorizing a list of facts to have stored away for a future date. Memorization can:

  • Provide a rich vocabulary
  • Train the brain for critical thought process
  • Strengthen the brain
  • Build complex language patterns

Recitation goes hand-in-hand with memorization. The act of standing and reciting poems or historical information cements that information in your child’s brain. It also provides other valuable skills. Recitation can:

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Develop solid presentation techniques
  • Provide a strong foundation for later rhetoric-level skills

Four times throughout the academic year, students will have a Memory Assessment.  These Memory Assessments culminate in our annual Recitation held at the end of the school year.  Below you will find audio files by grade to aid students in the memory work.

4th Grade