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The class schedule consists of three essential parts — the school classroom, the home classroom, and the extended learning classroom.

School Classroom

Professional teachers present lessons in the school classroom Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Grace Academy teachers choose each piece of curriculum according to classical and Christian distinctives that take students through each subject at an appropriate pace over the course of the academic year. On the school classroom days, students benefit from the rigor of a disciplined environment, a range of instruction methods, and social learning opportunities.

Home Classroom

On the remaining days of the week, parents co-teach, guiding their children to complete lesson plans and assignments prepared by the classroom teacher. Parents oversee the completion of these assignments that reinforce and extend lessons. This arrangement gives parents more time to enjoy and train their children, with freedom from choosing and planning curriculum.

Extended Learning Classroom

For families who need or desire assistance from professional educators to complete the home classroom assignments, Grace Academy offers an extended learning classroom option on Wednesday and Friday. Parents may choose any number or combination of days. In the extended learning classroom, instructors oversee the same lesson plans that a parent would in the home classroom. It is expected that parents remain involved in their child's schoolwork and to keep in mind that memory work and some writing assignments will still need to be completed at home.