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Collaborative - Core Value #3

COLLABORATIVE describes the way we educate and sustain success. Transformational results occur when we partner with parents in our vision to change the world for Christ one child at a time.

At Grace Academy, parents collaborate with our faculty and staff in three distinct ways:

In Education

We read in the Old Testament that educating children is primarily a function of the home (Deuteronomy 6:4-9); therefore, we see it as our job not to replace parents but to be a resource and partner with parents in their responsibility to educate their children. Parents take the lead in directing learning in the home. Grace Academy gladly walks alongside parents and provides the academic curriculum and tools necessary to teach children the art of learning. Success is only achieved when parents enforce and expound upon these principles outside the classroom.

In Service

Our professional faculty lead the charge in disseminating the tools for learning at school. But not all learning takes place in the classroom. School clubs, field trips, and special events all greatly enhance and broaden a child's education. It takes a dedicated team of actively involved parents to make these opportunities a reality. In a world where we are all busy with many responsibilities, taking the time to volunteer, teaches our children what it means to be a servant leader and to collaborate with others towards a common goal.


In Vision

As parents who live and work in the High Country, our hope is that you will spread the benefits of a Christian, classical, collaborative education throughout the community. Educate, refer, recruit. Most of our current families are here because someone took the time to talk to them about Grace Academy. Our future and our success are greatly enhanced when parents champion our vision.