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2024-2025 Classical Curriculum Annual Tuition

Grades K-5: $5190 for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Grades 6-8: $5380 for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Grade 9-10: $6965 for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


2024-2025 Extended Learning

Annual tuition covers the full classical curriculum, which is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for K-8th and Monday-Thursday for 9th and 10th. Parents may elect to add Extended Learning at the rate of $1380 annually for each day added (Wednesday and/or Friday) to the Classical Curriculum Annual Tuition. Parents may choose any combination of Extended Learning days.


Tuition Discounts

Grace Academy offers the following sibling discounts:

  • 2nd child receives 5%
  • 3rd child receives 10%
  • 4th child receives 15%

The discount is applied to the tuition of the younger sibling(s). A discount of 2% is given to families who choose to pay their tuition in full at the time of enrollment.


Tuition Agreements

During the enrollment process, you will be asked to set up an online account with FACTS, our tuition management company. After an account is created, you will choose a payment plan and enter either your bank account or credit card information so that automatic payments may be received by FACTS for tuition.


Tuition Payment Schedule

Monthly Tuition Agreements: The total cost of tuition (including extended learning) and the cost of consumables is divided into 10 payments. Payments are billed monthly beginning in May and ending in February. If a student enrolls after May 1, the account balance will be divided between the remaining months.

Biannual Tuition Agreements: The total cost of tuition (including extended learning) and the cost of consumables is divided into 2 payments. Payments are billed in May and October.

Pay-in-Full Tuition Agreements: The total cost of tuition (including extended learning) and consumables is due in May. Pay-in-Full Tuition Agreements receive a 2% discount on tuition and extended learning (not on the consumable fee). Families may always choose the pay-in-full option, but the 2% discount is NOT available to families who enroll after June 1 or to students who receive financial aid, including the NC Opportunity Scholarship. 

Consumable Fee
All students are charged a consumable fee along with their tuition. The consumable fee goes towards the purchase of books, worksheets, testing materials, etc. that are a onetime use for students and must be purchased every school year. For the 2024-2025 school year, the consumables fee is $250. No discounts (including sibling or pay-in-full are applied to the consumable fee).

All payments must be paid online through FACTS.


Withdrawals/Financial Commitment

When you enroll at Grace Academy, you are enrolling for a full academic year and are making a financial commitment to pay tuition for the full year. After June 1, if you decide to withdraw your child from Grace Academy, you will be relieved of one half of your total annual tuition obligation if written notice is received by Grace Academy on or before October 1. Any balance due may be paid all at once when your student is withdrawn, or it may be paid monthly in accordance with our monthly payment plan. Any tuition amounts above ½ of the total annual amount already paid at the time of notice of withdrawal will be refunded to you.



Books, fields trips, and other classroom supplies are not included in the cost of tuition. Below is an example of some additional fees students will incur during the school year. All prices listed are approximate and per student.

Supplies: $75-$100 depending on grade
Grades K-2 Fields Trips: $50
Grades 3-5 Field Trips: $300
Grades 6-10 Field Trips: $500