Welcome to Grace Academy


Grace Academy is a classical Christian school located in Boone, North Carolina, serving students in grades K-8.

While not affiliated with any particular church or denomination, Grace Academy is distinctly Christian in its worldview, and its doctrinal commitments are consistent with those expressed in the early ecumenical creeds of Christianity and those arising out of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th and 17th centuries.

From its beginning in 2008, Grace Academy has defined its educational approach as “classical”, following the form of education described by Miss Dorothy Sayers in her 1947 essay, “The Lost Tools of Learning”. This approach embraces both a DSC_6678proven methodology, tailored to a child’s development, and an educational content which prepares the student to understand, articulate, and critically engage the many ideas that have shaped Western civilization.

This is achieved by the implementation of a class schedule consisting of two essential parts – the “school classroom”, where professional teachers present lessons on a once or twice-per-week basis in each subject, and the “home classroom”, where parents oversee the expansion and completion of the assignments during the remainder of the week.  This scheduling approach provides the much needed time and access for parents to be academically and relationally involved with their students.