Serving Opportunities


Class Parent: Class parents help the teacher coordinate field trips, parties, etc.  There are only two, school-wide parties, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  For these parties, you would need to coordinate food and supplies, arrange setup and cleanup.

Faculty Lunch: Once a semester, parent volunteers provide lunch and classroom monitors for the faculty.  This is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the teachers and staff of Grace Academy.

Field Day Volunteer: Field Day is celebrated on the last day of school.  It is a great time for fun and games.  Volunteers help with setup/cleanup, organize and oversee games.

Fundraisers: The Chili Cook-Off is the school’s largest fundraiser.  It is a time to reach out to the community and make them aware  of Grace Academy as a private, Christian school that uniquely meets the needs of local, Christian students, with a classical, Christian, and collaborative approach to education.

School Pictures/Yearbook:  Individual and class photographs are taken and shared by a volunteer and shared on our school’s photo share site. The volunteer is also responsible for taking, or collecting, photos of student activities throughout the school year, and then creating our school yearbook.

Teacher Appreciation Day: In April, a volunteer will organize a ‘thank you’ for the teachers.

Testing Week Monitors: In May, students participate in standardized testing.  Volunteer proctors escort children to and from the bathroom as needed.