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Below is a wish lists from Grace Academy and its teachers. These are particular items that would enable our staff to better educate and incorporate a Biblical worldview in the classroom.

Search through the various profiles and consider funding or contributing to an item from the wish list. When the requested item reaches its financial goal, the materials will be purchased and go directly to the teacher/classroom/school.


Teacher: Martha Horne

Help Make Learning Fun

My students would highly benefit from children’s books about artists, additional board games and floor puzzles. Magnetic Building sets would also engage them in hands-on learning as well as play money to assist with math instruction.”

Set of THREE Artists books – $25

Magnetic Building Set – $11

https://Magnetic Money

Play Money – $15


Floor Puzzles – $15 – $20 (three needed)Floor puzzles


First Grade

Teacher: Tammy Presnell

Make Items More Accessible

My students would highly benefit from additional storage space in the classroom. An extra storage cabinet would allow for more age-appropriate material easily accessible in the classroom. Our current cabinet has bowed shelves. Currently, I personally cart extra resources and manipulatives to and from school due to limited storage space in the classroom and school office.”

Storage Cabinet – $220


Second Grade

Teacher: Kim Roberts

Help Manage The Classroom

My classroom could really use a sturdy cabinet for all my teaching materials and academic resources.”

Storage Cabinet – $220

Also, I would love chairs that help kids with attention issues.”

Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair, Made in the USA – $70 each (12 needed)





Third Grade

Teacher: Beth Cheshier

Take A Seat

I teach an energetic, spirited group of 12 students. For many of my students sitting still for an extended amount of time is strenuous and though each individual expresses a strong sense of enthusiasm to learn, they often have difficulty maintaining focus for a duration of time.

A wobble chair or a Bitty Bottom cushion is proven to create a learning environment which allows students to move about while staying seated.

Please help me support my group of students by offering them a fun and safe chair that can’t tip over. The chairs are designed to increase blood to the brain, and thereby quiets the requirement for fidgety kids to move. It is a winner of multiple awards, including the Academics’ Choice Award 2013 and Family Choice Award 2014;

Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair, Made in the USA – $70 each (12 needed)

Wobble Chair






Fourth Grade

Teacher: Meg Putnam

Picture This

“My students would highly benefit from a Bible story book. I would love to provide more images of our Bible stories to help students connect with the text.”

Picture Bible – $15.00

Also, it would be helpful to have a projector more accessible to teachers in the younger grades to display photos and videos larger from our computers to a wall/board. Visuals are a key element to our students in gaining knowledge and keeping their attention.”Projector



Fifth Grade

Teacher: Connie Goff

Help Store Knowledge

I could really use a sturdy cabinet. The plastic ones are always on the verge of collapsing and cannot hold all of our needed supplies.  Teachers at Grace Academy tote lots of supplies to and from home every work day. Having a sturdy, roomy cabinet, could insure that classroom materials are ready and handy.”

Storage Cabinet$220


Sixth/Seventh Grade

Teacher: Catherine Turner

Help Students Write On

My students would highly benefit from a large magnetic white board and individual white boards. A large magnetic board is much needed in the classroom for presentation purposes and could also be used as a screen, allowing visual aids to projected and clearly viewed. Individual white boards would eliminate the need for scrap paper and allow students to write practice sentences for grammar/literature.


Magnetic White Board – $220


Charles Leonard Dry Erase Lapboard Class Pack, Includes 12 each of Whiteboards, 2 Inch Felt Erasers and Black Dry Erase Markers  – $20.00


Teacher: Ian Smith

Let’s Get Organized!

A storage cabinet in the upper grade classroom could be shared by multiple teachers and store much needed supplies for student use and teacher resources.”


Storage Cabinet – $220

Algebra I

Teacher: Paul Domermuth

Get Functional

Graphing calculators allow students to study graphing of lines and other polynomial functions without having to make every graph by hand. They also allow students to learn how to use a scientific/graphing calculator before attending the high school. Once at the high school level, there would be a steep learning curve in math and science classes if students have not had any exposure to such a calculator.“

calculatorGraphing Calculator – $103 each (10 needed)





Iphone: to be used for school announcements, weather and closing alerts, event reminders and emergency situations.

Wooden Storage Cabinet – $204 (total of 8 needed)


MacBook Projector Display Port- $20 each (five needed)

Teachers require this resource for projecting items from a computer for students to see.”

PortMacBook to Projector: VGA to Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) Converter Cable:


Computer to TV: USB to HDMI Converter – $18 (five needed)

Teachers require this resource for projecting items from a computer to a television monitor.


ConverterHDMI Male to Male Cable (10 feet) – $7 (five needed)

Teachers require this resource for projecting items from a computer to a television.


Projector – $80 (five needed)

ProjectorTeachers require this resource for projecting items from a computer to a screen.”







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