IMG_7214The classical curriculum at Grace Academy is rich and academically challenging, taught from a Biblical worldview.   The Grammar Stage, grades K through approximately grade 5, is characterized by instructional methods such as singing,  memorizing, and reciting as students lay a firm foundation of the facts in each subject they study.  Study of the structure of language is emphasized, including the introduction of Latin, which is introduced in the second grade.

The curriculum for the Logic Stage, approximately grades 6-8, is designed to teach students how to analyze, reason, question, evaluate and critique through the study of Logic, the art of arguing correctly, and more critical thinking and deeper analysis in all subjects.

Throughout both of the grammar and logic stages, other content unique to the classical approach includes the interdisciplinary study of literature and history. Taught within the framework of a Biblical worldview, history is taught chronically from Creation to today in each of the stages above.

More specifically, the curriculum at Grace Academy includes:

GRAMMAR STAGE (grades K-6):

Mathematics:  Saxon Math and supplementary materials

Language Arts :

Saxon Phonics in grades K-2 and Wordly Wise in grades 3-6

Shurley English in grades 1-6

Zaner Bloser Handwriting in grades K-5

Outstanding reading and literature selections

Latin: Song School Latin in grade 2-3 and Latin For Children in grades 4-6

Science:  Nature studies in grades K-1 and God’s Design for Science series in grades 2-6

Art and Music: various school-supplied materials

Bible, History, and Geography:

Grade    Bible                                                     History and Geography

K        Old Testament Stories                          Watauga County

1         New Testament Stories                        World Geography and North Carolina

Grades 2-6 using Veritas Press, Story of the World, and History of US

2         Genesis through Jonah                        Creation through Ancient Egypt

3         Judges through Kings                          New Testament, Greece and Rome

4         Chronicles through Malachi               Middle Ages, Renaiss., and Reformation

5         The Gospels                                            Explorers to 1815

6         Acts through Revelation                      Modern America

LOGIC STAGE (grades 7-8):

Mathematics:  Saxon Math, The Art of Problem Solving, and supplementary materials

Logic:  The Art of Argument and The Argument Builder from Classical Academic Press

Language Arts:

Progymnasmata Writing Studies

Vocabulary From Classical Roots

Literature selections based on the Veritas Press Omnibus program

Latin: Latin for Children, grade 7   Latin Alive, grade 8



7               Apologia General Science

8               Apologia Physical Science

Bible/History: using various selections from the Veritas Press Omnibus program-

Grade       Bible                                                History and Geography

7                Old Testament Survey                 Creation through the Fall of Rome

8                New Testament Survey               Middle Ages

You may visit for more detailed information on curriculum choices.

Physical Education classes are offered through Appalachian State University. To learn more about this program and other extracurricular offerings, see our Extracurricular page .

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