Home Classroom Tips


1.  Establish a setting conducive to learning

  • A great classroom space is the kitchen table.
  • Turn off TV’s or other screens in the room, even for siblings.
  • Have all your resources and supplies close at hand. Put all your school books in a bin or on a shelf near by.

2.  Establish a routine

  • Begin school around the same time every day, preferably morning.
  • Require that all students be fed and dressed before beginning academics.
  • Begin with prayer for and with your child(ren).
  • Tackle the hardest subject(s) first.
  • Make Memory Period a high priority daily, but do not do it first. It works as a terrific mid-morning break from the books. Use it to get the wiggles out before returning to worksheets and textbooks.

3.  Eliminate distractions

  • Chores/decluttering can be completed before sitting down to study.
  • Reduce interruptions by utilizing your answering machine or caller ID and return calls after home instruction is finished.
  • For families with younger children: include them at the table and in Memory Period whenever you can! However, you will need some one-on-one time with your student(s), so create ways to occupy younger ones where they can be close by for periods of time so that you have some uninterrupted time with older students.

4.  Establish relationship

  • Disciple your child(ren) by establishing yourself as the authority in the home classroom. Loving your children in this way is more important than the content of any subject you study!
  • Trust the Lord and call on Him daily to meet your needs.
  • Enjoy this fleeting time with your growing children!

Memory Period Motto:
“Repetitio mater studiorum.” (“Repetition is the mother of learning”)

“..Emulate the spirit of the pious mother, who, when asked by a witness of her patience and successful perseverance in the instruction of one of her children, ‘How could you repeat that sentence to the child twenty times?’ answered, ‘If I had repeated it only nineteen times I should have lost my labor.’ Acting thus in the spirit of faith and prayer, you shall in due time reap the fruit of your labors, and when your heads are laid low in the dust, your children shall rise up and call you BLESSED.” – J.P. Engels

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